Billionaire Babies, LLC

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Linda Samuels, MBA, MSc

BillionaireBabies, LLC


  • K-12 Tutoring
    • SAT, SSAT College and Private School Admissions Coaching
    • AP Bio, Biology, Math
    • MCAS

Business & Professional Services

  • Consulting
    • Entrepreneurship Ages 3-103
    • Business Financing Options
    • Business Incubator


BillionaireBabies, LLC, is an international enterprise designed to empower people of all ages and nationalities to realize their potential, offering a variety of training programs and instructional products. Based on a tried-and-true educational paradigm and best-in-class business practices, BillionaireBabies, LLC, is committed to optimizing current performance and future success of business professionals.


BillionaireBabies, LLC, is for enterprising parents who want their children to have every opportunity to be the best they can possibly be.


Do YOU want YOUR children to…

•learn the power of communication?

•understand the importance of hard work?

•channel their energies into creative venues?

•acquire more effective coping strategies for reducing stress?

•appreciate the value of money?

•become both independent thinkers and team players?

•develop into competent leaders, not unassertive followers?

•find fulfillment by transforming their passions into profits?