Winthrop CBD Construction

Crew 1

5/19 to 5/26 The crew will continue to install main on Pleasant Street from Plummer Ave to Sunnyside Ave. the crew ran into some obstacles which is slowing them down. They will most likely be done with Pleasant street by Tuesday next week. Then the crew will start installing sidetap connections to all the side street off of Pleasant street, starting with Sunnyside Ave towards Cottage Park.

Crew 2

5/19 to 5/26- The crew will complete main installation on Cottage Park tomorrow. Then will proceed to connect the mains on Cottage and Somerset to the main on Pleasant street by Tuesday next week. Then will move to Woodside Ave on Wednesday to continue with the test holes that Started on Saturday for the rest of the week.

There will be no crews working on Pleasant street on Saturday.  Only one crew will be working and they will be on Woodside Ave starting test holes.