Fall updates for Oceanside Pilates & Yoga Studio

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Fall updates for Oceanside Pilates & Yoga Studio

Oceanside Pilates and Yoga Studio has scheduled several autumn highlights while it continues to feature Pilates mat, Pilates reformer, Yoga, Barre, and Surfset Fitness Classes.

On Friday October 3rd at 5:30pm, Amy Sullivan will be leading “Happy Hour Yoga,” serving up kriyas, binds and hops, sure to be uplifting to all who attend.

“Community Yoga” with Georgeane returns on Tuesdays at noon. This class is for all levels, and walk-ins are encouraged to join. For a mere five dollars, these yoga sessions are affordable to all who wish to participate in a friendly atmosphere.

For four weeks starting on Wednesday October 15th, Oceanside is hosting “Meditation by Donation: Qualities of the Heart” with Lucila from 7:15-7:45pm.  Both beginner and experienced participants are welcome to this thirty minute practice in guided meditation, following thousands of years of tradition, for a five dollar donation to the instructors’ continuing educations. Those interested are asked to contact instructor Lucila at lucilaleonarte@yahoo.com

The instructors at Oceanside are all fully certified in their areas of expertise, and passionately committed to the progress and well-being of their clientele. The atmosphere is intimate and upbeat, and owner Ellen Conti, when she is not also in class alongside her own clients, is ever on the lookout for new offerings and challenges to expand and perfect the studio experience.

The studio attracts all ages and serves a wide range of abilities, including athletes, yet also mindful of those recovering from injuries, and equally attentive to those who are new to the exercise formats.

Oceanside’s website features the complete class schedule, including specialty classes, at www.oceansidepilatesandyoga.com . Many of Oceanside’s classes require advance sign-up, which may be accomplished at the website. Oceanside Pilates and Yoga Studio is located at 315 Shirley Street in Winthrop. Questions may be directed to Oceanside owner Ellen Conti at 617-719-1095.