Terminal C Final clipped

Winthrop Chamber of Commerce Advertising at Terminal C Logan Airport

Logan Airport is getting new signage in the terminals.  The Winthrop Chamber of Commerce designed two advertisements to show the beauty and attractions of Winthrop.  If you are traveling look in Terminal A and Terminal C for our advertisements.  Each is filled with beautiful photographs taken throughout Winthrop.






Giggles Comedy Club

A Night of Laughs

April 30, 2015

6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

All the Pizza you can eat!

$25 per person

To purchase tickets contact Julie Mei  617-771-0413 or Nancy Giuffre  617-640-4292

All Proceeds benefit WINARC programs

Cash and checks only

Payment due at time of purchase

Makes checks payable to WINARC


Sidewalk Occupancy Permit Procedure

It is the applicant’s responsibility to apply for outdoor seating in a timely fashion and we want to remind business owners if they want outdoor seating apply early.

1. Business owners will contact the Town Clerk’s office if they are interested in applying for a seasonal permit to occupy the sidewalk.

2. Business owner must fill out a Permit Application and provide the following items to the Town Clerk’s office:

a. Completed Application

b. Copy of $1,000,000 Certificate of Liability Insurance listing the Town of Winthrop on the policy

c. Diagram of area involved showing the number of tables and chairs and the placement of said tables and chairs.


3.  Type an inspection Report for the FIRE INSPECTOR ONLY and notify him via email to come in and pick-up the Report.  Also, provide the Fire Inspector with a copy of the diagram.

4.  Once you receive the “APPROVED” Fire Inspection Report, completed paperwork and the seasonal fee ($175.00), put the Sidewalk Occupancy Permit on the next scheduled Licensing Board meeting.  Invite the owner/manager to the scheduled meeting as he/she may be asked questions pertaining to the placement of tables and chairs.

5.  When the Licensing Board approves and signs the Permit Application, type a letter to the business owner outling the terms and conditions of the Permit.

6. Send the original letter to the business owner and keep a copy for the file.