Winthrop Chamber of Commerce Advertising at Terminal C Logan Airport

Logan Airport is getting new signage in the terminals.  The Winthrop Chamber of Commerce designed two advertisements to show the beauty and attractions of Winthrop.  If you are traveling look in Terminal A and Terminal C for our advertisements.  Each is filled with beautiful photographs taken throughout Winthrop.

Robin’s Nest – Specials on September 23

Here are some special promotions Robin’s Nest will be offering on 9/23 for the Festival:

  • As a show of appreciation to Winthrop residents (and all shoppers for the day), Robin’s Nest will be offering 10% off any Winthrop branded merchandise!
  • As part of their first annual End of Summer Sale, Robin’s Nest will have a vast array of items for sale from 25% – 50% off.
  • Every customer will receive a free gift with purchase and the chance to enjoy a taste of chocolate from Harbor Sweets, handmade in Salem, MA.
  • Robin’s Nest will raffle off two high-end, Winthrop branded, gift and/or jewelry items with 100% of the proceeds from the ticket sales being donated to Winthrop Veteran’s charities/Veteran’s Food Panty.